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Get ready for the wedding, My child! The time is almost here! Are you spending time with Me, bidding Me draw near? Or is your eye on this world, and all that you hold dear? For I am coming quickly. I bid you to draw near.

You say that you're bored, don't know what to do. Since when did you think it was up to you? When you come into My presence, it's your gratitude I long for, not religious prayers. Take My Word and ponder anew all that I have done for you. I gave you life and freedom, too. I long for you to know Me as I know you.

It takes time, child, to sit at My feet. Can you not spare some time, it would really be sweet. Just like a parent loves to watch their child sing, dance and play, I long for you just to be yourself with Me today. Take Me along in all you say and do. I'll surely guide your path and lead you into truth.

So come away, My child, include Me in your day. Tell me what you're doing and ask Me what to say, to all those you encounter, who need to know the truth. Lead them to Me, child; let them know I love them, too. 

Psalm 145:17-19 The Passion Translation (TPT)

17 You are fair and righteous in everything you do,

    and your love is wrapped into all your works.

18 You draw near to those who call out to you,

    listening closely, especially when their hearts are true.

19 Every one of your godly lovers receives

    even more than what they ask for.

    For you hear what their hearts really long for

    and you bring them your saving strength.

Proverbs 11:30 The Passion Translation (TPT)

   But a life lived loving God bears lasting fruit,

    for the one who is truly wise wins souls.

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