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My name is Yahweh Nissi, your banner of victory! But did you know that you are My banner of victory that I wave in front of the enemy? When he thought he had you, I came and rescued you! Now I march all of My trophies in front of his army, reminding them of their destiny.

For each trophy glows with My glory. Each trophy represents a victory. Each trophy reminds Me that you were worth sending My Son to redeem. For you are worth more than any earthly treasure or any earthly pleasure.

You cannot be bought, you cannot be sold; for you are sold out to the One that gave his life to set you free. That is why I wave you proudly as My banner of victory. For the enemy's days are short, his days are few. Though he rages on, he cannot have you, My trophy, My prized possession.

So hold your head high and proclaim My praises. Let the whole world know that there is a God who still raises the dead. For you are living proof that God is love and God is good. Therefore, release My goodness, release My grace. Stand firm now. Stand in place. I will raise you high above your enemies. On my shoulders, you will fly and wave your banner of victory, reminding him of his destiny. For My name is Yahweh Nissis, your banner of victory.

Exodus 17:15 Expanded Bible (EXB)

Then Moses built an altar and named it ·The Lord Is My Banner [ Yahweh Nissi].

Psalm 68:13 Amplified Bible  (AMP)

When you lie down [to rest] among the sheepfolds,

You [Israel] are like the wings of a dove [of victory] overlaid with silver,

Its feathers glistening with gold [trophies taken from the enemy].

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