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The enemy of your soul has stolen your voice. He understands the power of My Word. He knows that when you do not know what My Word says, nor take the step of faith to proclaim it, he can render you powerless.

You must break through the resistance of your flesh and the fear of man. Shout to the Lord with a VOICE of triumph! For when you release My sound it tears down the strongholds of the enemy. He has blinded My people to believe that their words fall to the ground, but nothing could be further from the truth.

I am calling you to rise up now and shout, for the victory already belongs to you! Just as the Israelites marched around the city and then released a great shout causing the walls to come down, I am releasing the shout again. When you shout, all of heaven will join you, tearing down strongholds.

It is time for My people to rise up and take the territory that has already been won. No weapon formed against you shall prosper, but every tongue that rises up against you in judgment shall be proven false. For I am lifting your head up above your enemies. Therefore, open your mouth and release the shout for your King!

1 Samuel 4:6-7 Amplified Bible (AMP)

6 When the Philistines heard the noise of the shout, they said, “What does the noise of this great shout in the camp of the Hebrews mean?” Then they understood that the ark of the Lord had come into the camp. 7 The Philistines were afraid, for they said, “God has come into the camp.” And they said, “Woe [disaster is coming] to us! For nothing like this has happened before.

Joshua 6:20 The Message (MSG)

The priests blew the trumpets. When the people heard the blast of the trumpets, they gave a thunderclap shout. The wall fell at once. The people rushed straight into the city and took it.

Psalm 47:1 Amplified Bible (AMP)

O clap your hands, all you people;

Shout to God with the voice of triumph and songs of joy.

Psalm 27:6 Amplified Bible (AMP)

And now my head will be lifted up above my enemies around me,

In His tent I will offer sacrifices with shouts of joy;

I will sing, yes, I will sing praises to the Lord.

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