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Everyone needs somebody to believe in them. Why not you? Can you see past one's flaws and see the beautiful treasure inside? I say to you, sow seeds of love and kindness and watch what I do. For I am kind and merciful. Therefore, build one another up and decree greatness over each other. For I want My sons and daughters to walk in confidence and boldness, not false humility and shame. 

Call one another up higher. Don't tell people what they are not, but build them up. Whether you can see it in the natural or not, begin to decree and call forth greatness. See your brothers and sisters as kings and priests of the most high God, for that is who you truly are in Christ. Ask for eyes of faith and I will help you to see what I see.

It is time to get down in the dirt and write in the sand. It is time to silence the naysayers, and those that would cast the first stone, for you, too, were once down and out. Go low and risk all to save the one, for they are precious to Me. Go and find them, for they cannot make it on their own. Let My love compel you to rescue the lost and dying.

John 8:3-11 Living Bible (TLB)

3 As he was speaking, the Jewish leaders and Pharisees brought a woman caught in adultery and placed her out in front of the staring crowd.

4 “Teacher,” they said to Jesus, “this woman was caught in the very act of adultery. 5 Moses’ law says to kill her. What about it?”

6 They were trying to trap him into saying something they could use against him, but Jesus stooped down and wrote in the dust with his finger. 7 They kept demanding an answer, so he stood up again and said, “All right, hurl the stones at her until she dies. But only he who never sinned may throw the first!”

8 Then he stooped down again and wrote some more in the dust. 9 And the Jewish leaders slipped away one by one, beginning with the eldest, until only Jesus was left in front of the crowd with the woman.

10 Then Jesus stood up again and said to her, “Where are your accusers? Didn’t even one of them condemn you?”

11 “No, sir,” she said.

And Jesus said, “Neither do I. Go and sin no more.”

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