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Have I not said that I would open up the heavens for you? Indeed I will open up new wells with new resources which will amply supply all of your needs and also allow you to be a blessing. For I told Abraham he would be blessed and he would be a blessing. I will open up the wells of revelation to My people who are hungry and thirsty to know Me and My ways. Come before Me and linger in My presence for I long to reveal My secrets.

You have access to come up to the mountaintop. Do not be like the Israelites who told Moses to go for them. You have access through the blood of Jesus, so come boldly into My presence. I have extended My scepter. You have found favor in My sight, for you have been willing to press in to know Me. I am releasing My living waters to overflow with blessings to you. As I release blessings and favor over you, do not become stagnant, but release blessings to others so the waters will continue to flow. For truly this is the way of the Kingdom.

Genesis 26:22, 24-29, Contemporary English Version (CEV)

22 Finally, they dug one more well. There was no quarreling this time, and the well was named “Lots of Room,” because the Lord had given them room and would make them very successful.

24 where the Lord appeared to him that night and told him, “Don’t be afraid! I am the God who was worshiped by your father Abraham, my servant. I will be with you and bless you, and because of Abraham I will give you many descendants.” 25 Isaac built an altar there and worshiped the Lord. Then he set up camp, and his servants started digging a well.

26 Meanwhile, Abimelech had left Gerar and was taking his advisor Ahuzzath and his army commander Phicol to see Isaac. 27 When they arrived, Isaac asked, “Why are you here? Didn’t you send me away because you hated me?”

28 They answered, “We now know for certain that the Lord is with you, and we have decided there needs to be a peace treaty between you and us. So let’s make a solemn agreement 29 not to harm each other. Remember, we have never hurt you, and when we sent you away, we let you go in peace. The Lord has truly blessed you.”

32 Later that same day Isaac’s servants came and said, “We’ve struck water!”

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