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Come before Me,

Like an open book.

Let Me read your scroll,

Let Me take a look.

I will lead you, guide you,

Keep My eye upon you.

I am always ready to help you, 

Whatever I ask you to say or do.

Do not be afraid, child,

No longer cower in shame.

You are hidden in Christ,

The Name above all names.

Run to meet Me,

In the quiet of the night.

You are always welcome,

Come near, sit by My side.

I will whisper secrets,

I will tell you mysteries.

Saints of old longed to know,

Open your eyes, look and see.

You were created,

For such a time as this.

Release My glory,

This heavenly bliss.

Created for more,

It's in your DNA,

Run your race well, child.

Heed My Voice today.

Angels listen.

My Word cannot lie.

"It is finished,"

Is your battle cry.

Psalms 138:1 The Passion Translation (TPT)

I thank you, Lord, and with all the passion of my heart I worship you in the presence of angels! Heaven’s mighty ones will hear my voice as I sing my loving praise to you.

Hebrews 12:22 The Passion Translation (TPT)

By contrast, we have already come near to God in a totally different realm, the Zion-realm, for we have entered the city of the Living God, which is the New Jerusalem in heaven! We have joined the festal gathering of myriads of angels in their joyous celebration! 

23 And as members of the church of the Firstborn all our names have been legally registered as citizens of heaven! And we have come before God who judges all, and who lives among the spirits of the righteous who have been made perfect in his eyes! 

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