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I am sending fire on the altars of men's hearts. Nothing will escape the fire. It will destroy anything in the way of My will and My purposes. It will burn up all that is false leaving behind the pure. For My fire destroys and purifies. Nothing can prevail against Me, for I am an all-consuming fire.

What is on the altar of your heart? Bring Me your all and be willing to pass through the refining fires. Allow Me to expose anything impure, for I am purifying My Bride. She will be pure, holy and righteous.

Therefore, run to Me and do not fear the fire, for you must pass through it. Choose you this day to follow Me wholeheartedly, or follow the gods of this age. The choice is yours.

Isaiah 43:1-2 New Life Version (NLV)

1 But now the Lord Who made you, O Jacob, and He Who made you, O Israel, says, “Do not be afraid. For I have bought you and made you free. I have called you by name. You are Mine! 2 When you pass through the waters, I will be with you. When you pass through the rivers, they will not flow over you. When you walk through the fire, you will not be burned. The fire will not destroy you.

1 Kings 18:36-39 The Message (MSG)

36-37 When it was time for the sacrifice to be offered, Elijah the prophet came up and prayed, “O God, God of Abraham, Isaac, and Israel, make it known right now that you are God in Israel, that I am your servant, and that I’m doing what I’m doing under your orders. Answer me, God; O answer me and reveal to this people that you are God, the true God, and that you are giving these people another chance at repentance.”

38 Immediately the fire of God fell and burned up the offering, the wood, the stones, the dirt, and even the water in the trench.

39 All the people saw it happen and fell on their faces in awed worship, exclaiming, “God is the true God! God is the true God!”

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