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When you feel the pressures of life have built up to the point that you are going to explode, turn to Me. Allow Me to push the pressure valve and release the steam. Let Me help you regulate your emotions. Release and vent to Me. Allow Me to give you My perspective. Refocus on Me. Look into My eyes of love. Remind yourself of My promises to you. Lay your worries and fears at the foot of the Cross. Everything you are trying to carry was borne on Calvary. Why pick it up again? 

Hide yourself in Me and allow My Spirit to live through you and your circumstances, for you have been given all authority over the enemy. Worship and watch how I shift the atmosphere. Release your high praise and watch how the host of heaven battle on your behalf. Speak and declare My Word and promises and watch how my angels hearken unto My Word. Remember that you battle from a place of victory! Now bring it into your reality, for My promises are yes and amen! I am the Faithful and True God! I am rising up like a mighty man of war! Watch now as I scatter your enemies! 

Psalm 142 The Passion Translation (TPT)

1 God, I’m crying out to you! I lift up my voice boldly to beg for your mercy.

2 I spill out my heart to you and tell you all my troubles.

3 For when I was desperate, overwhelmed, and about to give up, you were the only one there to help. You gave me a way of escape from the hidden traps of my enemies.

4 I look to my left and right to see if there is anyone who will help, but there’s no one who takes notice of me. I have no hope of escape, and no one cares whether I live or die.

5 So I cried out to you, Lord, my only hiding place. You’re all I have, my only hope in this life, my last chance for help.

6 Please listen to my heart’s cry, for I am low and in desperate need of you! Rescue me from all those who persecute me, for I am no match for them.

7 Bring me out of this dungeon so I can declare your praise! And all your godly lovers will celebrate all the wonderful things you’ve done for me!

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