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No more death.

No more decay.

No more delay.

No more aborted dreams and destinies.

He's bringing forth the words spoken over the land.

No more stillbirths.

No more artificial life support. In Him we live and move and have our being.

Fertilization, maturation. 

Multiplication, acceleration.

No more loss.

No more pain.

We recover all.

The Cross our gain.

No more seed spilled on the ground. We receive His words.

They mature and give birth to every promise He has spoken.

Time to dust off the prophecies of old.

When we do, we'll find the gold. 

The hidden treasures we unearth.

Hidden promises we will birth.

We will discover His true worth.

It's time to believe again, hope again,

breathe again, live again.

He's calling dead things back to life. 

No more division.

No more strife.

Contention can no longer stand,

for the Ancient of Days rules, the Great I Am.

He's making it clear now, the ancient paths.

Get in step now.

Redemption at last!

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