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Turn your gaze to Me, My Bride.

In shame, no longer hide.

Lift your face, open your eyes.

Your King is here, He is your prize.

Repent, return to First Love.

Show your love, obey My Word.

Don't you know? Can't you see?

Peace is yours. Gaze on Me.

Not a man, I never lie.

Only trust, in Me abide. 

Stay the course. Run your race.

Don't lag behind. Set your pace.

Come back to Truth. Come to the Light.

I'll heal your eyes, restore your sight.

Lift your face. Look at Me.

Receive My grace. It's always free.

Receive My fire, it purifies.

In My Son only, identify.

Cast off the past of yesterday.

Receive your future. Walk in My Ways.

You are holy, dressed in white.

You are beautiful in My sight.

Take My robe now. Take My ring.

Receive the favor of your King.

Come, My Bride, lift up your face.

Almost home now. Finish the race.

Psalm 27:8 The Passion Translation (TPT)

I heard your voice in my heart say, “Come, seek my face;” 

my inner being responded, “Yahweh, I’m seeking your face with all my heart.”

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