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Are you lovesick for Me as I am for you? Do you long for Me more than anything else? Do thoughts of being together consume you? Do you watch the time, awaiting when we can steal away together? Would you rather be with Me than anyone else?

For this is how I feel about you, My Bride! I long to come to you knowing that you are waiting expectantly for Me to arrive. Does your heart pound as I approach? Do you yearn for our embrace? Do you imagine us dancing together leaving all the cares of life behind? 

Then come away, My love! You do not have to wait for some distant time in the future. Come into our secret garden and express your love freely! Let nothing distract you from our time together. Catch the little foxes that seek to destroy what we have together. For I am longing to be your One and only love, where nothing else matters but you and Me. I admonish you, My Bride...Leave your idols behind and come away now, for My love is sweeter than wine! For surely, no love can satisfy like Mine!

Song of Songs 2:13b-15 The Passion Translation (TPT)

13b Arise My love, My beautiful companion

And run with Me to the higher place.

For now is the time to arise 

And come away with Me!

14 For you are My dove

Hidden in the split open Rock.

It was I who took you

And hid you up high

In the secret stairway of the sky.

Let Me see your radiant face

And hear your sweet voice.

How beautiful your eyes of worship,

And I love the sound

Of your voice in prayer.

15 You must catch the troubling foxes, 

Those sly little foxes

Which hinder our relationship.

For they raid

Our budding vineyard of love

To ruin what I've planted within you.

Will you catch them 

And remove them for Me?

We will do it together.

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