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I do not fault you for struggling, but it is time to put away faulty and childish thinking once and for all. You must believe that I am good in order to walk in obedience at all times; immediately, not when you think, want or feel like obeying. This is what the faith walk is all about. You cannot please Me without faith.

Your flesh has become strong over the years, but again I say to you, My grace is sufficient! Where sin abounds, My grace abounds all the more! No matter what you face, My grace is always there to help you overcome! You can never use the excuse that the mountain of sin is too high, for My grace has already scaled the heights. It is already there beckoning you to come up higher. It is also at the lowest and deepest depths. There is no sin that is impossible to forgive or overcome.

My blood is sufficient! Remember that your suffering is not to be compared to the suffering of My dear Son on the cruel Cross. The hours of suffering and torture before and during the actual crucifixion paid the price for every sin that has or will ever be committed.

Therefore, come before Me like a little child once again. Receive forgiveness for your past and accept My grace to move on. It is a moment-by-moment decision, so do not become overwhelmed by your past or your future. I am there walking with you each step of the way. Victory is assured no matter how many times you fall. I will be there to pick you up and set you on your feet again.

1 Corinthians 13:11 Living Bible (TLB)

It’s like this: when I was a child I spoke and thought and reasoned as a child does. But when I became a man my thoughts grew far beyond those of my childhood, and now I have put away the childish things.

Ephesians 5:27 The Passion Translation (TPT)

All that he does in us is designed to make us a mature church for his pleasure, until we become a source of praise to him—glorious and radiant, beautiful and holy, without fault or flaw.

Matthew 18:3-4 New Century Version (NCV)

3 Then he said, “I tell you the truth, you must change and become like little children. Otherwise, you will never enter the kingdom of heaven. 4 The greatest person in the kingdom of heaven is the one who makes himself humble like this child.

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